Near God a baby’s soul dwelled,

a tiny little infant by an angel held.

He seemed to be at a loss, sad and wondering,

about his future life, he sank in his pondering.

God asked the little child: “What may be the trouble?”

The child, startled, replied on the double:

“Dear God why are you sending me away?

Have I done something wrong? Have I gone astray?”

God smiled at the child’s willingness to stay

but he had to explain why it should be this way.

” Ah but I am not sending you away”, he replied,

“You are only going away for a little while”

“Why should I do that?”, the infant inquired.

“To deliver a special message,your help is required.”

“What message is that, may I ask?”

“To teach someone my love, that is your task”.

“But your love is so great, it can never be conveyed!”

“You will have my help, do not be afraid…”

“But this world you are sending me to is cruel and cold,

how can I have this message of yours told?

Humans are deaf to what they should hear…”

“… Your receiver is ready to listen with no fear…”

“… Humans are blind to what they should see…”

“… Your receiver is kind and I’ll help her see…”

” Who is this receiver I am about to visit?

How can he alone explain your Love with no limit?

How can he alone understand your message?

How can all humanity learn from my passage?”

” This person you shall visit I already gave

an ability to love than can render so brave,

an ability to love that can shake the very heart

of an entire universe, a love without a chart.”

“But I’ll be so alone, so far away from here.

Who will take care of me? Who will hold me near?

I still have a lot to learn from you, don’t let me go.”

“Fear not little child because I know.

You will be in good hands, hands that resemble mine.

Both of you will learn together and my love you shall define.

This receiver of yours, you shall call mother.

She will watch over you and guard you like no other.

This guardian of yours, her love will suffice…

This guardian of yours is your angel  in disguise…”

I love you my guardian Angel, I love you mom…

Nadine, Christiane & Natalie


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