Your heart is hanging by a thread.

It feels neither alive nor dead.

Frozen deep in a sea of time,

it is but a ghost, a shadow, a mime.

Awaiting in patience the turn of the tide,

with nowhere to go, no place to hide.

Lost to oblivion in the dark of the sea,

alone and forgotten in a black fantasy.

Your sad heart is slowly dying

but death, it’s still defying.

It has forgotten the light of day,

The beauty of life, the waves as they sway…

On the brink of despair, can it find the will?

Would it beat again? Can it remember still?

Your heart will learn to feel again,

will learn that sorrow is not the end.

Your heart shall bare light once more

and glow as the beacon it was before.

Lose not hope little heart of mine,

the day will surely come when you again shall shine…


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