Lost in thought, somewhere far..

Drowning in a sea, hanging on a star..

Flying is the fish! Swimming is the dove!..

Heaven is below, the ground is above..

Reflection is reality, reality’s illusion

Whenever shall it end, this pitiful confusion?

Paths that open are like fingers intertwined,

How to make a choice as all are to each other consigned?

In the game of the Gods I am but a pawn,

Here I lay in cruel darkness, awaiting the break of dawn..

Bitter is the waiting, sweet is the ignorance..

To what extent shall they test my endurance?

Though, as a stray sheep, distraught and bewildered,

the steerings of fate just cannot be hindered.

Written by the stars on the pages of heaven,

Fortune unfolds, an answer is given..

Thus Time might reach its own conclusion,

Obliterating doubts, erasing my confusion…


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