The definition of Love

Love… How to define it? Such a word cannot be confined to a wordly explanation since its very nature is heavenly.
I’d say Love is at the root of all feelings and emotions causing trouble in life. Love, you’d tend to inquire, is at the root of all evil? How could that possibly be?

Hatred:        lack of Love

Jealousy:     lack of Love for the good of others

Selfishness: excess of Love for one’s goods

Greed:        excess of Love for one’s money

Vanity:        excess of Love for one’s self

Desire:        excess of Love for one’s body

Cowardice: excess of Love for one’s safety

Sorrow:      loss of Love

… etc.

Any known vice can directly be linked with Love. People strive to find Love whereas it is at the root of everything they are trying to escape. The clutches of Love are merciless, they give away no chance for fallacies, no chance for humanity… Severe as a judge and hard as a rock, Love shouldn’t be sought after… Foolish are those who think they can outsmart Love, escape all its treachery, its cruelty.



A now-too-common-word mouthed by the Fools thinking they can market cheap nonsense. What more common and meaningless a word is there? Say it one time, say it a thousand times… nonsense…



The desperate call of a tormented Angel or the onslaught over a silly myth?



The holy sound of Heaven or a mere trick of Satan?


LOVE “such a word cannot be confined to a wordly explanation since its very nature is heavenly” and heavenly it is…

Love is not a word, it is a state of mind, a state of soul where all is combined to join into one. It is our portal to Infinity, our window to Life and our bridge to Immortality. Love is a balanced state and it presents a cure of itself for its own vices. Love is the only root of all yet Love is the only cure for all. “Love shouldn’t be sought after” because Love will seek you.
Love is “merciless, severe, hard, treacherous, cruel and gives no chance for fallacies” for those who tend to toy with it, for those who misuse it…


“It gives away no chance for humanity” because it gives way to Divinity instead. Love is the tongue of God, the language in which He speaks, the only way we can get to understand if only a part of Him. Love is God and God is Love since with Love we were created, with Love we were compelled to rule the earth. Although most have forgotten or lost that knowledge, Love is the most primitive of Human instinct. Human is born to Love and is born Loved. All his life, he seeks a partner, a friend, a family… God created us to love but we forgot.Love is a whiff of the divine trying to get us back what we lost of our human nature.

We are meant to love, made to love because :

Love just IS.



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