There's something incredibly satisfying about speaking to a complete stranger. Some find the task easier than others, however there's a consensus about it being "liberating". All pretences drop and masks rust away in your internal drawer since you have no use for them anymore. There's a clamour in your brain, one which you have previously... Continue Reading →

Message to my younger self

Dear younger me, There will come a day, not too far from where you stand now, grief-stricken, lonely and confused where the smile will not part from your lips, your heart will fill with song and your mind will be content...

An interview with writer and blogger Nadine Banna

Thanks again to Jade Braham for the great interview and for taking interest in my work! It was a great and fun experience! Recently I wrote a review of a short story called The Ward, written by a fellow blogger Nadine Banna (@NadineBanna). Having found her story to be thrilling and extremely intriguing, I approached Nadine... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Ward by Nadine Banna @NadineBanna

Special thanks for Jade Amelia Alice Braham for her professional and constructive review of my latest short story; “The ward”. Do check out her review and her blog as a literature reviewer!

A Life in and beyond literature

  • Title:The Ward
  • Author: Nadine Banna
  • Published: 2017
  • Rating: 4/5

The Ward tells the tale of John and his wife Clarisse. We are made to believe that Clarisse is visiting her husband in a psychiatric ward, however we are not told why. For the majority of the short story we are focusing on Clarisse’s efforts to comfort her husband but we’re left in suspense. With a surprising 360 turn of events we discover that everything we thought we knew was incorrect.

It’s difficult to pinpoint the genre of this story as it would be restrictive to categorise it as simply being a ‘thriller’, a ‘mystery’ or a ‘drama’ because it has elements of each conventions. This cross using of specific genres adds a certain elevation to the reading of the short story as the suspense and intrigue from this makes it even more exciting.  This is never more noticeable than…

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